Energy Work

Why seek energy healing?

People want to feel better; mind, body and spirit.



We develop patterns that keep us in low vibration or depressed. Integrative Intuitive healing(IIH) assists our cellular memory from being stuck in feelings. The energy works on a physical cellular level, removing emotional toxins. We walk away with a difference. Moving in a positive direction. All experiences vary. A client may come in feeling depressed before a session and afterwards feeling sad. This is an indication of moving through emotions. Shedding a layer. If you feel sad, and receive a session then feel neutral, this is another example of moving through a layer. This process continues until the person is finding more peace and joy.  The client may have a different perspective after an IIH session.

Stacy meets the client where they are emotionally, with a framework of non-judgmental presence. Allowing the client to safely move through difficultly. Clients find the following benefits to energy work.

  • Balance
  • Better decision making,
  • Less dis-ease
  • More in tune with yourself and others
  • Ability to build relationships better
  • Inner life or peace-inner life -having peace will create a positive perspective when the unexpected happens. We cannot control what is happening on our outside life. Through energy work, the emotional and spiritual atmosphere, rise to a higher vibration. By having an ability to have inner peace while going through difficult situations will cause less stress to our bodies. Keeping us from encouraging diseases mentally and physically.

IIH works on the layers away from the physical body ie. Auras-the distinctive atmosphere or energy centers that emanate from the person without speaking. We have a presence that is nonphysical, the layers beyond the physical body. Through energy work and coaching these layers can become strong which enable the person to have a presence of confidence and adventure.

Working with data centers/chakras/ lotus centers, enables us to shift energy that can lead to disease. These centers, located in specific parts of the subtle body are understood as seven points in the body seen as wheels. By changing the energetic aspect of the subtle body directly affects the physical body.

Stacy studies and practices the following healing modalities which led to the fusion of IIH: Polarity, Cranial Sacral, Shamballya Reiki, Marconics and Barbara Brennan’s hands of light. She is also an ordained minister who was called to Chaplaincy, Stacy worked with complex emotions with families and the loved one who were passing, in prisons, and with many psychological issues such as PTSD and bi-polar. The numerous environments Stacy worked in, gives her the ability to work with all people.

Stacy’s early years were steeped with many spiritual experiences and environments. She grew up with an Aunt, mother and other family members who had the gift of “laying on of hands”. Where many healings occurred. These healings were facilitated by the individual, allowing the Holy Spirit to work through to heal others. This is not a gift that Stacy directs from her but allows the work of the Holy Spirit to work through her. This background compelled Stacy to receive formal education; Master’s in Divinity, Spiritual Direction, and Kundalini Yoga certification.  She became the first hospice Chaplain in Massachusetts, to administer light touch, energy work, prayer, or laying on of hands to facilitate the healing process for families going.


This no-touch energy work assists clients with shedding density and rising to a higher frequency. Allowing one to feel centered and seeing a clearer path over time. This work assists in shifting DNA reprogramming and cellular memory. Clients feel a sense of well being and “lighter” after a few sessions. An ability to see clearer their purpose and path.  45 minute sessions $77.00


Polarity therapy balances yin and yang energies and encourages the free flow of energy throughout the body. This is particularly helpful in removing the energy blocks that may cause physical and/or emotional discomfort. Using carefully placed crystals along the chakras we can connect the different energy points and pathways to restore balance to both body and mind. 45 minute sessions $95


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