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Stacy Schmitt

Stacy spent fourteen years of her life recruiting executive positions, engineers, sales, marketing, for many corporations. Stacy had a career change and became an interfaith chaplain, working in hospice environments, criminally insane and all types and levels of mentally ill and disabled individuals. She became a spiritual director and corporate massage therapist at a company embedded at Otis Air Force. Stacy has served on a board for veterans and rescue horses. She worked as a bio-spirituality therapist with PTSD clients. She discovered many people have “talked” through their issues, but their bodies have not caught up to what the mind was saying. This is where bio-spirituality comes into play. Assisting clients quieting their inside pictures and thoughts to be in the presence of horses. Horses generally read pictures in your mind. Stacy can interact with all types of people, bringing a non-judgmental process to the environment. As an interfaith chaplain, she became well versed in many of the world religions although ordained as a Christian minister. Through the years of honing in her spiritual practices and working with people in all walks of life, she is well suited for all people and the issues.