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Stacy Schmitt

Stacy Schmitt, MA, LMT, owner of the The Soul Place for over ten years, brings a unique perspective to the art of therapeutic massage through the integration of mind, body, and spirit. Stacy is committed to assisting clients achieve their full potential of optimal health and wellness.

Her extensive experience and training includes, but is not limited to, Lypossage, lymphatic drainage, Myo Fascia release, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, triggerpoint therapy, polarity, cranial sacral therapy, hot stone therapy, and Shamballa Reiki.

In addition, Stacy is an ordained minister, Yoga Instructor and spiritual coach,

Stacy’s depth of body wisdom comes from practicing this unique variety of disciplines that provide life-enhancing benefits. She believes that working with the body's natural energy centers allows her clients to experience life more completely and achieve their full potential. In short, Stacy meets you where you are in your life and assists you on your journey through her holistic approach to healing mind, body and spirit.

Stacy is available to facilitate wellness retreats and to provide individual counseling, spiritual coaching, and bodywork.