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What Other Are Saying

I want to thank you for your lymposage services I had last month. As you know I lost a cumulative 15.5 inches on my lower body and although I was doing some dieting I could not exercise due to a broken foot. I truly believe your procedure works and would recommend to others.

Polly C.

I began therapy with Stacy to help relieve pain in my jaw, neck and shoulder areas. From the first session, I knew Stacy would be able to put me on the path to physical and emotional healing. Stacy is professional, has great knowledge and understanding of the human body and provides excellent care. During each session, Stacy is able to identify the problem areas and give me every day tips on how to keep my body healthy on and on the path to recovery. Every time I walk out of Stacy’s sessions, I am grateful for the decreased pain in all areas, more mobility and a greater feeling of peace.

Lei M.

   My legs require deep tissue massage and Stacy gets it right.

            She keeps me walking sprightly like a younger person.

           --------G. Raatz, Atty

I am a massage client of Stacy Schmitt and have happily and confidently referred friends to Stacy. Her years of training, knowledge and experience in massage therapy enables her to work on each clients particular needs. I've gone to her for various issues not knowing exactly what was causing my discomfort a time or two and after my description she knew and whether it was just pressure point therapy or deep tissue she resolved it. I happily and confidently recommend Stacy Schmitt.
Carol M. 
Because of a hip replacement 5 years ago I have continuing muscle tightness and sometimes pain in my left hip. Further complicating my happiness is the fact that the total (including patella) right knee replacement that I had 5 years ago has  also resulted in some level of pain 24/7!
The first massage with Stacy held a couple of unexpected surprises:  the next day my hip was loose and felt almost normal - I barely remember what that feels like, and the pain in my right knee was much diminished.  That had never happened before.  Only rubbing on a topical anti-inflammatory had given it any relief previously.
I look forward to more attention from Stacy and trust that the results will only get better!
Jane M.

 Reverend Stacy Schmitt officiated our beautiful wedding this year.  We were introduced through a family member but feel like the match was divinely perfect.  We are so grateful that we were sent to just the right person.  Stacy really took the time to get acquainted to us and understand our core values.  Our meetings with Stacy truly felt like we were getting together with a close friend.  She coached us on ways to make our ceremony unique, sacred and to make our guests feel welcome no matter what their religious beliefs.  Stacy was an amazing asset at the rehearsal dinner, advising the wedding party and easing all concerns.   She also offered invaluable advice on how to make our special day run extra smooth.  She even quelled the nerves of some very emotional family members.  Stacy is a true spiritual guru and a genuine professional.  We could not be more pleased that our amazing wedding went off without a hitch.   We will cherish those memories for a life time. 

Jenni  & David 

I am a Lypossage client of Stacy Schmitt. I found Stacy to be very knowledgeable in the process and explain thoroughly how the massage technique works. Not only does she use her hands but a portion of the lypossage treatment uses a specific lypossage machine. I lost inches in the zones I received lypossage over the set sessions of recommended treatments. 
I highly recommend Stacy Schmitt. 
Carol M

I like a deep tissue massage.… husband, not so much!  But somehow, Stacy manages to make both of us feel wonderful after our sessions with her.  We’ve had a lot of massages through the years and have kept moving around because we were never quite satisfied.  Once we found Stacy, we’ve stayed with her for years.  She’s fantastic with what she does and will customize your massage to whatever level or area you want. 

Cindy & Jerry

Just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed and appreciated our Saturday event.  You are all such amazing women and I have enormous admiration for all you do and have done for our veterans.
Thank you for allowing me to share my pain and frustration... even through the tears.  I really loved all the activities.  Each one was unique and helpful to me.  My core was sore Sunday but I smelled great with my bracelet on.  🙂
Thank you again!!
I first heard of Stacy when Schmitt when my sister, who is also a LMT, told me her friend and fellow massage therapist was relocating from the Boston area. After speaking with Stacy about several areas of Austin, she settled on Lakeway. Little did I know, Stacy would be practicing minutes from my daughter’s home. My daughter and her entire family, to include her my grandchildren (ages 6 & 7 when they started getting massages) love Stacy! I finally met Stacy when my shoulders were killing me for months. I could not lift my arms, the pain was too great. Stacy was messaging my head instead of my shoulders. She knew exactly which pressure points to work on! Amazingly, after that initial session, my shoulders no longer hurt me. I am convinced that Stacy has a gift for healing. I have experienced many massage therapists, Stacy is unlike anyone else. Everyone I have sent her to feels the same way. Stacy has a god-given gift of healing. 
Annette Davis

I’ve know Stacy for over 10 years when I was having sciatica. Stacy was in Metrowest Boston area and at the time, I was considering pursuing massage therapy as a side career. Seeing the way Stacy gained true satisfaction treating her clients, I decided to take the plunge. I’ve been a LMT for past 7 years. I’ve been exposed to many modalities and hundreds of LMTs. Without a doubt, Stacy is the best. Her intuition and her ability to heal others, sets her apart from the field. Stacy has relocated to Austin and I still make sure that each time I am visiting family in the area, I book a massage with her. She is worth the trip! Even if I didn’t have family in the area, I would make the pilgrimage to receive her healing touch!

-Lynn V.

Thanks for all you have done for me and my family through your truly “soul soothing” massage therapy and spiritual guidance.  Stacy, you are an authentic person with many special gifts.  
I have been your client for nearly 3 years now, and could not imagine a better holistic therapist than you.  You intuitively know right where my aches and pains are (physical and emotional) and more importantly, how to heal them.  
My back and shoulders are free from chronic pain great thanks to your massage techniques.  This is such a relief for me since I have suffered with back pain/surgery for nearly 25 years.

To add, your extra caring attention to my whole body and soul and heart are always welcome.

Thanks again for all you do caring for all of God’s creations.

Your most grateful client,

Lisa M. Bease

As usual, Stacey the healer, had the exact combination of treatments to get the pain out of my hip and my heart and mind reconnected.  Stacey is such an intuitive, yet experienced and professional therapist.  I am so grateful that we have such a gem in Lakeway.  Thank you Stacey.

Liliane Desjardins

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